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David Howton is a founding member and he and his wife Regina have owned whippets for about twenty years. David was a volunteer for WRAP for nine years and served as Vice President on the board of directors for the organization. Since leaving WRAP, David has continued to work with local breeders and do rescue work in the State of Georgia and around the southeast. He continues to provide assistance to local breeders and owners in placing both adult and young whippets.

Regina Howton is a veterinarian for Sprayberry Animal Hospital in Marietta, GA and works with many whippet owners in the area providing veterinary care. Regina has worked with many of the whippets rescued in the southeast providing veterinary care as well as spay and neuter before placing them into their new homes. David & Regina have also enjoyed owning many of the older whippet rescues which would spend their later years in their home. David and Regina currently own six whippets along with a one staghound and a whippet mix.

David has served as the president of the Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Association for the past five years and currently serves as the Southern Show Chairman for the American Whippet Club. In addition, David has worked with many other charitable organizations including Coastal Conservation Association of Florida where he served as State Chairman of Florida and served on the state board of directors for over ten years.

David also manages the American Whippet Club website along with his personal website called WhippetView.com. WhippetView offers a great resource to whippet owners with information regarding anything from whippet history to whippet health and other assistance to the breed.

David & Regina have rescued over 150 whippets during their tenure in the breed and have built a great network of loving owners scattered around the southeast. Many of those owners have adopted several whippets over the years from them after other whippets have passed on to the rainbow bridge.

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